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Metalwork and sheet metal work

Specific communication requires suitable substrates or display stands. Fine locksmithing and sheet metalwork include the machining and assembly of metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. These trades efficiently create load-bearing structures, other structures, and fastening fittings.
The most commonly used materials:

Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, tubes and various profiles.

Point-of-sale advertising, presentation medium, sign, load-bearing structure, sign stand, totem, service information point, stand, display stand, booth, bracket, structure, marquee, end aisle display, signpost support.

• Five MIG steel welding stations.
• One TIG aluminium and stainless steel welding station.
• One 130-tonne digital control bending press with 3000×40/10mm capacity.
• One 50-tonne digital control bending press with 1200×40/10mm capacity.
• One digital control guillotine shear with 3000×60/10mm capacity.
• One digital control four-corner shear with 2000x1000x15/10mm capacity.
• One digital control bandsaw with 120mm capacity.

• One semi-automatic milling machine with 80mm capacity.
• One 20-tonne bending machine with 40mm capacity.
• One tube roller, capacity Ø48mm.
• One angle notcher, 220mm square capacity.
• One 55-tonne punching machine with Ø26mm capacity.
• Two drill presses.
• One cutting laser
• One two-headed saw
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